Anonymous: Do you have a snapchat?

I do, but I won’t give it out. I’m not into sending nudes.


There are some nights when I actually love me body.
Saturday Night

OMFG Saturday night though!!!

So I went to a friends birthday dinner and I was gonna take Paco with me buttt he was being a little bitch and didn’t wanna go so I went over after the dinner to see him. We smoked and shit, he did coke and we just watched a movie like always. It was about 20 minutes or so before I had to leave and we were both just laying in his bed. I was tired of waiting for him to make a move so I leaned over and kissed him. He kissed me back. No mind you I was wearing skinny jeans, a purple and mint green super cheeky panties from VS a blue bra and a sheer button down white top that showed my mid drift. 

He started kissing down my neck and squeezing my tits making me moan for him. He reached down and started rubbing my pussy through my jeans making me thrust my hips towards his hands. I reached down and started grabbing at his hard cock through his jeans and slowly unzipping them to pull it out. He reached down and pulled it out for me and I started to jack him off while using my other hand to unbutton my shirt. He still continued to kiss and lick at my titties and play with my pussy. I pulled down my pants and he pushed my head down to his dick.

I swear I was so into sucking his dick I didn’t really think about ANYTHING else. I finally got my head into a position where I can deep throat his huge dick and I swear he loved it. He pulled my hair and played with my ass, while I played with my pussy and kept sucking his dick. He pulled my head up and made me rub his dick all over my face, I licked it up and down. He turned me around and I stuck my ass up for him and he ripped off my panties. He pushed my face down into his bed and slipped his dick in my tight wet pussy and reached up and grabbed my throat. I don’t know if it was the drugs that I had or the drugs he had that was making this feel so fucking amazing but I didn’t want it to stop. He had stopped chocking me at some point so I grabbed his hand and put it back around my throat and he chocked me out harder and fucked me deeper. I moved with him. Making him fuck my pussy faster till I screamed and came on his dick. 

He still continued to fuck my pussy and I looked back at and and said “Fuck my ass. Please, fuck my ass.” He obliged, I must have been wet enough because he was able to slide his dick right into my ass. I don’t know why but I grabbed on this his wrists and fucked his dick. I hardly ever do all the work with him but I just backed my ass up on his dick. He turned us to where I was basically on my side as was he and he was cuddling my body as he came in my ass. 

This was my sex story.

Sunday Night With Paco(yeah he is back guys)

Okay so last night Paco and I had AMAZING sex. Like the best sex we’ve had in a while. We spent the afternoon together an when we got back to his house we were just watching TV. He got up to go do something for his brother and I laid down in his bed to get comfortable. When he came back he moved his clothes that were on the bed and laid down next to me and started feeling on my body. Just moving his hands all over me. 

I looked over at him and started kissing him. We made out for awhile. He started kissing down my neck and pressing himself against my body. I love feeling how hard he gets so quickly for me. His dick is just so big and perfect, words can’t describe it honestly. I reached down and started feeling his dick through his jeans while he played with my boobs. He reached down and unzipped his pants but I was faster than he was and pulled his dick out and started jacking him off. He started kissing down my neck again and to my boobs. I sat up and took my shirt and bra off for him. 

He leaned back on the bed and I leaned over him still kissing him and playing with his dick. He guided my head down to his dick and I started to suck him up. I sucked him up while he was laying down and then he got up. I thought we were about to fuck, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the floor I got on my knees and kept sucking his dick. I licked it all over looking at him the ENTIRE time. He just stared at me with a look of pure pleasure. He pulled his dick outta my mouth and rubbed it on my face, slapping me with it, slapping it against my tongue. Making me moan for him. 

He then picked me up and turned me around and started taking off my leggings. I sat on the bed and pulled them off the rest of the way. He harshly grabbed my waist turned me around and bent me over his bed. He stuck his dick in me and I moaned. When he first puts it is, I love it!! He reached around my body and grabbed my throat chocking me. I just moaned louder for him. He started to release my neck a bit but I reached up and made him grip tighter. I LOVE being chocked by him. He gripped my neck so tight I seriously thought I was going to pass out. I was getting really light headed but it was just feeling so damn good. He let go and reached over and grabbed my tank top and shoved it into my mouth gagging me. He kept fucking me and harder and harder.

He pulled out of my pussy and started grabbing at my ass. I knew what he was going to do next. I did something that I didn’t even really think about till after I did it. I don’t know if he enjoyed it or not but I crawled away from him and onto his bed. He pushed me down into the covers and spit in my ass. I moaned again. Then he stuck his dick in. It always takes everything I have not to scream when he puts it in. It still hurts a bit but then it just feels amazing. He fucked my ass hard and deep till he came inside me. He must of came a lot or just liked being inside my ass because he stayed there for a bit. Even cuddled me and stuff. Things he doesn’t normally do.

This was my sex story.

Will, the Elevatorman

I have new friend!! ;D the elevator contractor that fixes our elevators here on campus. Only down side is he is like 40 and I am 20. He is as old as my dad. No I don’t have Daddy issues, I love my father he is the best in the world. I just like sex, and I swear if y’all bitches saw him you’d be like yeah, he can get it in. Well I did just that. I let him get it in. And he is DAMN good.

Paco and I have been having sex regularly again… Something is different about it now especially when he cums. These past few times he has been cuddling me as he cums. Like pulling me closer to him. It’s weird. But then again I’ve completely changed how I think about him. I no longer live in the fantasy of us actually becoming anything. 


Oh hello! ;)

I wont give up on us <3 #jasonmrazlyrics #selfie #lips #biting #glasses #dumbhasttags #sorrynotsorry